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Making sense of the census

This documentary was created as part of my university degree. It is intended for young teenagers in Lincolnshire who might be learning about the census at school.

It may only be 40 questions that need to be answered every 10 years, but what is the census for?

Follow me as I start filling in my census and discover how the 10 year event is organised, how the answers from the forms are used to find out which parts of the country need more money and how important this document ends up being when people want to look into their family history.

Along the way it is revealed which famous Lincolnshire people are on the census and find out why the idea of people putting their religion as the Star Wars faith Jedi in a bid to make it a real religion was never going to work, as well as how the census may be forgotten about by the public after it has been sent back but 2021 census forms are already being prepared.

I also delve into the Lincolnshire Archives as they launch a new website called Lincs to the Past. It is a new way to publish their records online that are hidden away in the archives, museums and libraries and make them easily accessible.