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My radio challenge

I love radio. I love interviewing people for the radio, I love trying to make pictures using just sounds and I love broadcasting. Yet I don’t actually listen to a great deal of radio which seems wrong. How else will I know what works, and what doesn’t?

One of the reasons I don’t listen to a great deal of radio during the day is simply finding the time. Whereas in the evening, when I want to relax, instead of listening to the radio I will quite happily bulk watch television shows. Full blown Netflix style.

Nicholas Parson presents Just a Minute on BBC Radio 4 | Photo: BBC

I do listen to a lot of of Radio 4 comedy though, especially shows like Just a Minute and The Now Show. Two of my absolute favourites are In and Out of the Kitchen and The Museum of Everything. And somehow I have got into the routine of listening to Scott Mills’ daily podcast.

But there is so much that I am missing and that’s why I have decided to make myself listen to something new each week. I then plan to write about it here. For this I will need some help. So any radio recommendations please feel free to let me know in the comments or tweet me. I am @charlottereid over there.