Foodie findings in April

Food and drink are two of the most important things in life, and I think they are much better when they aren’t taken too seriously. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting foods, so here’s a roundup of the fun food related things I found this month.

Baking madness

If you want to find absurd cooking gadgets then Lakeland is the best place to visit. The baking section is my favourite area with its twee silicon moulds, decorations and varied baking trays. Usually the cutters just tend to be the generic heart and stars shape, but this weekend I found hipster cookie glasses.

The things you find in Lakeland | Photo: Charlotte Reid

They actually call themselves shade cookie cutters, and “ideal” for the summer. Mostly it makes me happy that Lakeland stocks bizarre goods so items like this can exist.


Every now and again products which for whatever reason vanished from the shelves are brought back. The most recent comebacks are Coca Cola Vanilla and BN biscuits.

BN biscuits and Vanilla Coca Cola | Photo: Charlotte Reid

I don’t remember Vanilla Coca Cola being so popular, but at the moment every other post on Twitter or Facebook is someone excitedly buying a can of the stuff. The drink is as sweet as I remember and you have to really concentrate to taste the vanilla flavour, but it’s fun.

The BN biscuits comeback is far more exciting though. The French biscuits haven’t been sold in the UK for the past 13 years, but they are back and with a rebrand. They are only available in chocolate and vanilla for the time being, but they taste just as I remember. I used to have the biscuits in my packed lunch at school and with one bite I was transported back to the lunch hall.

It might have been years since the BN adverts have been shown, but admit it you occasionally find yourself singing that advert.

Everyone, join in.

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