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TV Talk: Television’s Twitter Trends

I love television, so I blog about it over on TV Talk. Here’s a piece I’ve written recently about how the use of social media on TV is awkward and unnatural, and how comedy could show us how to do it better.

If you’re like me, then you will cringe when a television show goes to their social media hub to see “What Twitter thinks”. It’s clunky and always awkward and my understanding of the show hasn’t been improved by username7543 saying “LOL”. Or even worse “Let’s get this trending”.

Ross Noble's Freewheeling on Dave | Photo: UKTV

Social media is seen as such a huge part of people’s daily lives that everyone wants to tap into. It’s not enough that when watching television you are encouraged to tweet along with their suggested hashtag, they want to read your tweets out as well. Disregarding the studio full of talented people in favour of this. It’s strange though because TV is using social media in a way that normal people don’t. Unless the comment is so spectacularly amazing people don’t discuss a topic and then read a tweet out loud, so surely TV programmes need to start using social media in a way that normal people use it. And comedy seems to be the best at doing this.

To read the rest of this piece head over to TV Talk

Chatting with Michel Roux Sr and Brian Turner

Mondays are stereotypically rubbish. Not this week though as Sam Pidoux and I chatted to the three Michelin star chef Michel Roux Sr and one of Britain’s most successful chefs Brian Turner.

Roux Scholarship 2013 | Photo: UKTV

The interview was a chance for the pair to chat about The Roux Scholarship, which after 30 years of providing support for British chefs, is being televised on Watch. We also chatted about the importance of being able to cook properly at home and educating and inspiring people about food.

The full interview with Michel Roux Sr and Brian Turner will be on this week’s Food for Thought on Siren FM, and online shortly afterwards. In the meantime here’s a little tease. It’s not every day that Michel Roux Sr says my name.